Monday, June 28, 2010

Summertime Lunch

When Bob was home recovering, we had the pleasure of being able to have lunch together; not something we normally get to do. I tried to make our lunches light and as low in calories as I could, since he wasn't very physically active (and we all know I'm rarely physically active if I can help it!). Some days we were lucky enough that the weather cooperated and we got to have our lunch on the deck.

This lunch was one of his favorites. As you can see, the preparation of each food on this plate did not require a rocket scientist. (No, we are not going there today, I promise you!) But the combination just worked.

The main event was a big scoop of chicken salad with a few fresh mint leaves tucked in (left over from the Vietnamese Spring Rolls). A deviled egg, slices of baby Swiss cheese, carrot stick and cucumber sticks rounded out the plate. On the side was a fresh sliced tomato, and a plate of multi-grain bread. Top that off with ice cold lemonade and you have a summer lunch that is absolutely delicious!

As we sat at the table and listened to the birds sing and watched the squirrels play out in the wooded area behind the house, a tiny female hummingbird came up to the feeder a few feet from where we sat. She perched on the feeder and fed right before our eyes; turning a good lunch into a fantastic lunch!

I love summertime!


  1. If you keep making lunches like this, Bob's going to want to retire sooner and have them more often!

  2. That sounds like the perfect lunch!!