Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ever have "one of those days"?

Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about.

Bob's out of town. I've been sick. Today was the first day a cup of coffee sounded really good. And considering that it is March 31st and there is snow on the ground, it sounded really really good. I made my way to the kitchen to make a pot.

I rinsed out the pot. I decided to make a full pot so I could have some iced coffee tomorrow, so I filled it up with 12 cups of water. I got out a filter. I measured the beans. I ground the beans (much to the cat's dismay). I put it all together and turned the pot on.

I sat down at the computer and started looking at email. Oh the aroma! My mouth was singing in anticipation! I could barely wait.

I walked into the kitchen and literally screamed in horror! Coffee and grounds covered the entire counter! Gross. And I mean the entire counter. Under the microwave, under the pots of rosemary and marjoram, under the coffee pot & grinder & jars of beans and most distressing ... under 24 wine glasses that I had not put away yet from the party on Saturday. Did I mention they were clean wine glasses?

This is precisely what went through my mind and out my mouth:


Yeah, I said that and a whole bunch more!

Now that I've cleaned up that disgusting mess, I think I'll head out to Caribou.



  1. How did that happen??? I think I missed something. I must need more coffee.

  2. Sorry Jean! Hate those days!!! Hope today was better. Maybe you just had an early April Fool's.

  3. I have had those moments - many, many times. I have a stainless steel carafe and don't always remember to check if it was empty before loading up a fresh brew. Or I don't put the pot in properly, or put water and forget coffee. Forgot to turn it, forgot to turn it off, left it on the roof of my car....
    Clearly the works of someone who desperately needed it in the first place.
    Thanx for dropping by.
    I hope this message finds you safe, happy and healthy.