Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Woohoo! A snow day! The tech center was closed today (but Bob still has to work from home). But it being a snow day and all, he cooked breakfast for me! How great is that? Yes ladies, sometimes he really is the perfect man. I am one lucky gal:-) Cheese omlet, thick cut bacon, delicious little potato patties (McCann's-if you haven't tried them, you must!), toast, tea, juice and clementines. Oh, he makes me swoon. This is gonna turn out to be one great day...I see a nap in my immediate future;-)


  1. I want to know how Bob makes his omlet look like that and still get the middle cooked and still keep it all in one piece. Was he a saute chef in a past life? Cause my omlets always look like scrambled eggs with cheese!

  2. Years of practice, **SANDY**, years of practice ... trust the man with gray hair, that is, whatever is left of it!