Thursday, March 12, 2009

Korean BBQ

Okay, so I'm way behind on my postings, so I'm going to try and get three up in one shot. :) The first is one on Korean BBQ, but it is not what most people are used to. On the last family trip, we ate at a restaurant called "The Beef House" owned by Kim Jong-Gyeol, a Korean drama actor who after losing everything 13 years ago, opened a restaurant.

The basic premise here is REALLY good meat, unmarinated or even seasoned, cooked at the table and served with traditional accompaniments and a simple mixture of sesame oil and a heavy tablespoon of salt. Once cooked, the meat is dipped in the sesame/salt mixture and then wrapped in lettuce or perilla leaves with shaved garlic (yes, RAW garlic), a tasty salad of shaved cabbage and green onions, Korean fermented bean paste, and garlic chives.. All at the diner's discretion to pick and choose what they want in their wrap.

Well, after having this in Korea and a great little place in LA, we at the old homestead have replaced the traditional bulgogi and kalbi with this version as it takes much less time and mess to prepare.

We use grass fed beef, usually a ribeye or new york strip, cut into thin bite sized strips and cooked quickly on medium high heat with no seasoning. Once cooked we serve it with red or green leaf lettuce, perilla leaves (available at local Korean markets), fresh rice, fermented bean paste, Mom's homemade kimchi, green onions, the salt and sesame oil and sliced garlic.

It sounds like a lot of work, but we usually get the meat started in batches and cut the onions and garlic while it is cooking. The lettuce we wash and spin dry and the perilla leaves are already clean when we buy them.

This is a great summer dish for a crowd as everyone can make it the way THEY want.

This is an online review of the restaurant in Korea. Granted the whole thing is in Korean, bu if you scroll down a bit they have a photo gallery that you can flip through to see what the real deal looks like. :)

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