Monday, April 20, 2009

"Noon Time Travels"

Once upon a time there were two friends. One was a trained chef, educated at the Art Institute of Phoenix with an AAS degree, graduating with highest honors. A trained palate, if you will. The other was just a pudgy gal who loved good food. The two met and became fast friends. Somewhere in the beginning of the friendship cookies were involved. That segment of the friendship remains a mystery in this part of the story.

The two friends were adventurous eaters. The trained chef had much knowledge. The pudgy gal hungered for more. They joined forces and began a sort of “Noon Time Travels”.

“Noon Time Travels” took the two friends to different destinations every time they got together for lunch. It became their mission to find restaurants that were “blog worthy”. Be it good or bad, the choice of venue needed to be something that they wanted to blog about and that they thought their readers would want to read about. So out were the big chains and franchises! The two friends looked for unique and distinctly different eateries.

Thus the adventures of the “Noon Time Travels” began. You will be hearing from the friends. The will be blogging on their visits to restaurants new and old, in and around our fair city. Be on the lookout for the posts from the chef and the pudgy gal. Regardless if the food is good or bad, it will be fun!

Each and every one of you is invited to join us in posting about your own “Noon Time Travels”. All of you can be part of our quest for new and exciting places to dine. Or it can even be an old favorite of yours that you think needs to be reviewed so the rest of us can go and enjoy it. Everyone get involved in the “Noon Time Travels”! What fun that will be!!!

Happy eating!
Jean Bugs (the “pudgy gal”) :-)

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  1. Wait.. You mean we can't post about those secret White Castle runs? Darn it.. I had a whole post written about the wonders of a jalepeno cheese slider..

    L3 (the chef) ;)