Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wyandotte Winery - check it out!

Greetings! Friday night we were delighted to become acquainted again with Wyandotte Winery -- just off Cherrybottom Road, north of Morse Road. We attended a surprise birthday party there which also included a wine tasting, appetizers, dinner, and the most fabulous chocolate port cake. It has been over 20 years since we had been there, and we have really missed out. My favorite of the evening was the cherry wine, but the cranberry is also an old favorite. Tim liked the Sweet William (red). We came home with bottles! They have many events planned, and have a wonderful patio. The owners are just so friendly. Check out their website and give them a try! I know we are going back ...


  1. Here's the Wyandotte's website:

  2. Wow, that brings back memories. I went in to the winery on a dare to try and sell them an ad for the New Albany High School Yearbook (in 1982!). And they bought one!

  3. Hey Ellen, and did you see me there back then?? ;-D

  4. I saw you both in the corner with a bottle of wine...each!!! LOL
    We were just there on the 14th for Julie Neary's surprise party! Joy surprised her with a party for 8 that included the wine tasting, dinner & the blackberry wine cake. OMG! I could've eaten the entire thing myself!!!
    We are proud owners of the Apple, Cranberry & Pomegranite wines! Interested in doing the book club on the 13th? I think a few of us are going to do it. Sounds like loads of fun:-)
    And you're right, Valerie & Robin are great people:-)