Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Italian Drip Beef

Have you ever heard someone that really loves Italian beef talk about it? It’s like they’ve found the Holy Grail. I believe it was Super Bowl Sunday (I know, I know. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to tell you about it either!) that the stars aligned just perfectly and I experienced the wonder that is called “Italian Drip Beef." All I can say to you is … Oh my! It is pretty darn close to Nirvana. (Of course in my book that description explains potatoes. But that’s another post for another time. You are already well aware of my potato passion.)

This wonder called “Italian Drip Beef” came to me by way of one of my most favorite bloggers, Ree Drummond, aka: the Pioneer Woman. Her blog is amazing. She is amazing. And the Italian Drip Beef? Three words: Sweet ... Baby ... Jesus! And the recipe is so stinkin’ easy you won’t even believe it!

Bob and I absolutely devoured these heavenly sandwiches, between oohs and ahhs and juice dripping down our chins! And then last month, when Chef Tony came to visit (yeah, I’m talkin’ Hawaii Chef!), I made these for the night he arrived. He flipped over these!

Now, it takes guts to cook for a chef. The afternoon he arrived I had told Brooke (Hot Mom) that I was making dinner for Tony. Her eyes got huge and she asked me, “Aren’t you nervous cooking for a chef?” Well, I wasn’t so much before she said that! So, I was a happy girl when they were such a hit with him! Oh, but I digress, you're waiting for a recipe, aren’t you?

Like I said, the recipe comes from the Pioneer Woman. Her photography is amazing, and she posts step-by-step photographs that are just beautiful. So how dare I post my pitiful by comparison photos? Um, let’s just look at the recipe and not talk about that … okay? I promise you that if you make this, you’ll forget all about my lack of photographic skills and just be oh-so-thankful that you read Dishing-It-Up Columbus! I promise.

As Ree says, "The cast of characters"

Put roast into the your slow cooker and add the consomme and Italian seasoning ...

... salt ...

... peppers and juice ...

... and it cooks and cooks, and the house smells like you won't even believe, and you don't know if you can wait, and then it looks like this! Of course, that is after you have shredded the beef and removed as much of the fat as you can and are ready to make your sandwich! Oh, I want some right now!

So you have buttered your buns (haha!) and toasted them in a skillet (ouch!) and you load this luscious beef onto the bottom of the bun. Make absolutely sure that you have peppers on there, too! Then, cover it with provolone cheese and put it under the broiler. This is what you get!

Oh dear, I think I just salivated on my keyboard! Don't those look absolutely delicious? Top them with the other half of the bun and serve with a side of the juice for dipping. Holy moly, have you got a sandwich or what! Here's a close up.

Are you with me still? Is your stomach growling, are you drooling? Yeah, me too! Dig in, close your eyes and experience the wonder of "Italian Drip Beef". Thank you, Ree :-)

Italian Drip BeefThe Pioneer Woman

Prep Time: 5 Minutes, Cook Time: 6 Hours, Difficulty: Easy, Servings: 10


• 1 whole Beef Chuck Roast, 2.5 To 4 Pounds
• 1 can Beef Consomme Or Beef Broth
• 3 Tablespoons (heaping) Italian Seasoning
• 1 teaspoon Salt
• ¼ cups Water
• ½ jars (16 Oz) Pepperoncini Peppers, with Juice
• Buttered, Toasted Deli Rolls

Preparation Instructions

Combine all ingredients in a heavy pot or dutch oven. Stir lightly to combine seasoning with the liquid.

Cover and bake in a 275 degree oven* for 5 to 6 hours, or until meat is fork-tender and falling apart.

Remove from oven. With two forks, completely shred all meat, leaving no large chunks behind. Serve immediately, or keep warm over a simmer on the stove.
May make the day before, then store in the refrigerator. Remove the hardened fat from the top before reheating.

Serve on buttered, toasted rolls. Top with cheese and melt under the broiler if desired. Serve with juices from the pot.

*P.S. I know the recipe says to do it in the oven. I just did mine in the slow cooker for convenience. I did a 4 pound roast and it took about 4 hours.


  1. We are having a very similar recipe tonight for dinner! The only differences are that I marinate the roast in beef broth, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes overnight, then toss it in the crock pot while I'm at work all day. And you're right -- they are SO good!

  2. Ok, addendum to the above. Don't try this with a fairly lean cut of beef, such as eye round. WAY too dry. But I rescued the leftovers by turning them into beef salad. Lunch tomorrow for me and the boys!