Thursday, May 14, 2009

"The Well Red Book Club" - Wyandotte Winery

What an absolutely great evening! WOW! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a “girl’s night out”. And it’s funny, this didn’t start out to be that. It started out because I have fallen in love with Wyandotte Winery. I just love the atmosphere and the owners, Robin and Valerie Coolidge. And the wines are wonderful! Now this is coming from a woman who enjoys a glass of wine every once in a while. My husband is the wine drinker in our family. Anyone who knows us knows this to be true. I am an occasional wine drinker. But when I am at Wyandotte, I find myself so enamored of their wines that I just want more! Yikes! Better limit my time there :-)

So a couple of weeks ago I saw that Valerie had posted an event on their website for "The Well Red Book Club". For fifteen dollars you receive 2 glasses of wine (woohoo!) and light appetizers. Discussion was to be on the book “The Shack”. Well, I was all over this. I absolutely loved “The Shack”. Granted I read it almost a year ago so I’d need to brush up on it, but this sounded like my kind of evening!

I immediately asked Bob what he thought. His work has been so busy that he didn’t feel like he could make the commitment, so he suggested I go with some friends. I thought of some ladies that I thought would be interested and sent out an email. Well, the group that ended up comprising “The Well Red Book Club” tonight was just the perfect group!

So we discussed “The Shack”, written by William P Young. Since this is not a book review, I’ll not go into detail of the book. I will say this: It is a controversial book that seems to stir passion in its readers. Strong opinions are formed and it seems that folks either love it or hate it. I loved it!

When we first arrived Valerie had greeted us, asking what kind of wine we would like. If you are not sure, she is just wonderful about helping you decide. She’ll ask you what you normally like to drink, and will make suggestions and give you a taste to help you make your decision. I, of course knew I wanted Sweet Willie! To start with, anyway. We had the opportunity to kind of wander around the front room while everyone arrived. Then we headed to our seats. The room we were in is a wonderful room in the winery that was just perfect for us. We sat around a table and had the most amazing discussion. *sigh* I wish you could have been there.

So here is the website for Wyandotte Winery.

Visit and read about the history of the winery. You can find info about upcoming events, their wine list, pictures, and all kinds of great information about the winery and about Robin & Valerie.

Now to continue about this evening. We enjoyed light appetizers consisting of summer sausage, cheeses, grapes (naturally!!), pretzel thins, kashi crackers, pita chips, and hummus. Side note: I do not like hummus. Garbanzo beans (or butt beans, as we refer to them) are not a food that is even permitted in my house; rating right up there with liver and lima beans! However, everyone else was diving into it so I figured I might be missing something. And I want to like hummus. Really I do. It’s like the new dill dip. It’s everywhere! So I dipped in and you know what? I absolutely LOVED it! Go figure! I couldn’t stay out of the stuff. Poor Cara. She was sitting beside me and was probably ready to just put the darn bowl in my lap so I would stop leaning over her! Anyway, I asked Valerie what it was. She told me and even showed me the container. But seeing as my memory has all but completely taken a permanent vacation on me, I am sorry to say I do not remember what brand it was. I’ll probably recognize it in the store, but I know that doesn’t help you one stinkin’ bit. Sorry. Oh, and my second glass of wine was Catawba-yum! Okay, I’m gonna come clean and tell you I had a third…but I was drinking it for Jill! And it was my favorite, Cranberry Harvest. O-M-G!

Wyandotte Winery has some fun and exciting upcoming events planned. In Kathie’s post on April 26th, she mentions that the patio is wonderful. I am really looking forward to a summer of visiting the winery and Robin & Valerie! Hope to see you there!

Wyandotte Winery
4640 Wyandotte Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43230

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  1. I think you would change your mind about lima beans if you had the scallop dish I did at Barcelona... ;)