Thursday, July 16, 2009

Midnight Travels-Dirty Frank's

So when the trained palate isn't out with the pudgy gal, and it's twelve hours later than a Noontime Travel, just what is it? Well, it's a Midnight Travel, and the trained palate is usually accompanied by the trained artist in their search for food after 10pm.
So, I've been wanting to go to Dirty Franks for, I don't know, before they even opened and everytime I've suggested it (after 10 pm of course) the trained artist goes "Nha, let's go to Press" or "Nha, I don't want a hotdog" So low and behold, the one day that I worked late this week, I check my text messages and find this from the artist:
"I am at dirty franks and they have a kimchee dog. OMG they also have a siracha dog and indian mango chutney dog. we are coming here all the time asap"

(cue the phone call that followed the above text message)

"You went to Dirty Frank's WITHOUT ME? I've been trying to get you to go for like two weeks!!"

"Oh man, that chicago dog was so good! You're gonna love it..."

"You went WITHOUT ME!"

"It's okay, we'll go tomorrow"
For those of you who don't know, Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace is the latest addition to Liz Lessner's family of bar/eateries. Betty's, Surly Girl, and Tip Top are the others, all have food until 1 or 2 am, a great selection of beers and mixed drinks and a healthy dose of humor.

Fast forward to tonight.. FINALLY!

I got the Seoul (kimchee) dog and the Chili dog, while the trained artist got the Whoa Nelly (BBQ brisket on a hotdog) and the Hot Bollywood (spicy Indian mango chutney) And of course a couple of beers and tater tots to round everything out. We later got the Ohioana (sweet corn, red pepper, jalapeno, and red onion relish topped with celery salt) to split.

I will say I think certain combinations of topping would be better suited for the polish sausage or the jumbo beef dog. The kimchee isn't bad for not being homemade, but it's almost overpowering with just the standard hot dog. The advertized sharp cheddar is nice and sharp, the Whoa Nelly is SUPER beefy and the Bollywood is hot, but a bit messy.

The drink menu has a great diversity, everything from beer to alcoholic slushies and Frostop Root Beer on draft, but will be even BETTER when the back ordered freezer comes in and you can add Jenni's ice cream to that rootbeer...

Needless to say, the artist wants to work his way through the dog menu and I'm happy to tag along.

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  1. OMG! You went WITHOUT ME?????? You "dog" ;-D

  2. Bon Appetit has a feature on 80 hot dog topping this month -- very fun! And we just dined at Flo's in York Beach, Maine. Flo's special is a steamed dog and bun with a homemade relish, mayo, and celery salt. Yummm......

  3. Lines OUT the door at noon yesterday! And if you haven't checked out the sweet potato fries at the Tip Top .... Oh my!

  4. I'm not surprsed, the food is fast but the whole place is the size of my apartment!

    And yes, I know Tip Top QUITE well. The eggplant fries are my favorite there as well as the Cowbell.

  5. I saw that! They had a kimchee dog as well..

    Flo's special sounds a lot like a Chicago dog, another personal favorite of mine. When we fly to Korea, it is through O'Hare so my last meal on U.S. soil is usually a Gold Coast chargrilled Chicago dog.