Monday, August 10, 2009


Thursday night I was a lucky girl! My dear friend Dianne (our pastry chef!) asked me to be her “date” for an advance showing of “Julie and Julia”, which opened Friday. We had dinner at Bon Vie with her co-workers from Williams Sonoma, and then off to the movies. An all French evening!

Did we like the movie? Oui! WE LOVED THE MOVIE!!! It was awesome! I’ve read some reviews that were critical of the movie. Rubbish!!! At least in the theater I was in, there were moments when the entire theater was laughing out loud. It was wonderful to sit in a theater full of laughing people! It really did my heart good. And at the end there was spontaneous applause. That just doesn’t happen very often anymore. It was a grand evening!

Then on Friday when the movie officially opened, I went to see it with another friend. This audience was different and the experience a little different. But the movie was still terrific!

Undoubtedly you have heard that Meryl Streep is absolutely amazing as Julia Child. And that is right on. She totally nails it. As I sat watching the movie, I completely lost sight of the fact that it was Ms. Streep on the screen and not Julia Child! She is that convincing.

And opposed to what you might hear to the contrary, I thought Amy Adams did a good job portraying Julie Powell. But what do I know? I don’t know Julie Powell. But then again, I did read her book. And I’ve read an article with Ms. Powell, in which she says that when writing the screenplay Nora Ephron did have to “sweeten” her up a bit to make it GP. Ms. Powell does come off a bit more harshly in her book, with a fondness for tossing the “f-bomb” about quite liberally.

But you know what really sticks in my craw? All these reviews that I am reading that are carrying on about how the movie would have been so much better if there was way less Julie and a lot more Julia. Let me just say this…

“The reason that this particular movie was made was because of the book that Julie wrote. If the powers-that-be would make a movie about Julia Child, I would be the first one in line to go see it. I adore Julia Child. I read “My Life in Paris” and she is a hero to me! But this movie wasn’t about just Julia. It was about what Julie Powell learned from Julia. Like I said, without Julie’s book this movie wouldn’t have come to be.”

So to the critics I say this, “Stop your complaining and enjoy the movie! Enjoy it for what it is…a movie about Julie & Julia!!!"

I sure did! And I probably will a few more times….and when it comes out on DVD, a few more times!!!

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