Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Experience Columbus Days! 25%-50% discounts on Columbus Dining & Attractions, Oct. 9-12

I am so bummed that we'll be missing this event. (Then again, I've still got three blogs from Restaurant Week that I haven't done!) But Hawaii calls and I must answer...

I do have to tell you about it though, so that you can go and report back to me. Maybe some of the Dishing-It-Up! Columbus contributors will go and post their experiences? That would be awesome! Hmm...is that a challenge?

Here is the info from the Experience Columbus website:

"Columbus is THE place to be during Experience Columbus Days, Oct. 9-12. Get 50% off admission to the city's top attractions and entertainment when you show your Experience Columbus Days Discount Flyer. In addition, the 40+ restaurants of Dine Originals Columbus are offering 25% off your food bill for two people. Visit www.ExperienceColumbusDays.com to view all of the details and to print a Discount Flyer. "

Make sure before you go to any of the events or restaurants that you have your flyer. That is how you'll get the discounts. http://experiencecolumbusdays.com/pdf/ec_days_card.pdf

Check out the list of participants! There are a ton of places/attractions that are participating and it appears that everyone in Dine Originals is participating!

I cannot believe we are missing this! This and Grandparent's Day at Bryce & Blake's school too! But c'mon! It's Hawaii!!!

Have a great time!!!


  1. Have such a wonderful time in Hawaii! I can't wait to hear all about it and see the amazing pictures. In the meanwhile, thanks for sharing this flyer - I'll make good use of it.

  2. Now's your chance to try Deepwood! And Pistacia Vera, of course :-)