Friday, September 25, 2009

A Note About TasteCasting

Bob and I attended our second TasteCasting on Tuesday night.

First of all I need to take a minute to make sure that TasteCasting and blogging are understood. When I told you all about TasteCasting, I hope I was clear that when we do this we do not get paid. However, we do not pay for the food either. An advantage for the restaurant is that this is an opportunity to showcase their products and announce new ones, for instance. We in turn get the word out via social media.

There has been criticism that a TasteCaster cannot give an impartial review if they are not paying for the food and therefore this destroys their credibility.

Okay, most of you reading (I think anyway) know me. I am about as straightforward as they come. I have opinions and I express them. I try not to be harsh about it, but if I have a criticism I will try to present it in a constructive way.

That being said, the only blog posts on Dishing-It-Up Columbus! where I have not purchased the food are the TasteCasting posts. And it is pretty obvious which posts these are, as they are labeled, “TasteCasting”. If there is any confusion on that please leave me a comment.

I look at the TasteCasting posts as a completely different kind of post than my regular ones. I think of them in a category by themselves.

But if there is anyone that has a problem with me participating in the TasteCasting events, please let me know. Dishing-It-Up Columbus! is first and foremost for me. This is my priority.

Thank you to each and every one of you that reads this blog. I really do appreciate you coming to Dishing-It-Up Columbus! This is my passion and I love sharing it with you.


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