Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Restaurant Week: Pistacia Vera


I have found Heaven.

Utopia, if you will.

It exists. In a place in German Village.

Right here in Columbus Ohio.

It's name is "Pistacia Vera" .

I kid you not. And no, I am not being over dramatic. Okay, I admit that sometimes I have been known to exaggerate a smidgen here or there. Artistic license when telling a story maybe. But not here. I totally swear on all that is carbohydrate that I am not inflating the truth. Really.

During Restaurant Week in the spring I had wanted to get to Pistacia Vera to try their dessert sampling. But as I said in an earlier post, we weren't well prepared for the rounds in the spring. So this time it was first on my list. And by first, I mean first. Remember we tried to go Monday?

I was so determined that Bob not forget that this was written in stone that I reminded him like a bazillion times. He has the patience of a saint. He never got testy at all...well, except for that one time. But I digress.

We had lunch at DeepWood yesterday and then headed to German Village to locate my destination. I was so excited that I was finally going to get to try their macarons. And months earlier when Dine Originals was offering their gift certificates I had purchased one for here. So I had that baby tucked in my purse as well.

*Note: You cannot use any coupons or other discounts on Restaurant Week offerings.

I had spent that $10 certificate about fifty times over. I'm like that. I just keep respending something like that over and over in my head. You get the shopping rush without all the guilt. But then when it comes down to decision time, it can make it a bit rough.

First of all, when we walked into the shop I fell in love. I love the clean crisp atmosphere of the bakery. I love the pristine cases with the macarons lined up like little pastel soldiers awaiting orders from the baker general. I love the cakes and tortes on shelves underneath, providing support and backup for those macarons. I love the tiers of pate de fruit; each a more stunning gem than the one underneath it.

And I love the pistachio sculpture. Oh, how I love that sculpture.

I want to live there.

But Bob pulled me back from the brink of pastry insanity that threatened to claim me. I had to make a choice. The Restaurant Week assortment allows you to choose two of the many flavors of macarons.

How could I possibly make a choice? Please! don't make me choose. If I choose one I might offend the others!

What? Am I crazy? ...wait. Don't answer that. But the decision was excruciating. You look at the options and tell me what you think!

12 seasonal flavors include:
chocolate, mocha hazelnut, strawberry rose, orange apricot chamomile, caramel pecan, pistachio, lemon, white chocolate coconut, lavender honey, mint chocolate, black raspberry & Madagascar vanilla bean

Yeah, I thought so. Back to reality. We made our choices and the gals packed them up for us. But wait! We were so close to Elaine's work that I couldn't in all good consciousness drive by with these in the car and not stop and share. Bob agreed. And afterall, I still had that certificate in my purse. So I chose two macarons for her, the mocha hazelnut and the pistachio, and we dropped them off. I had a text before we even got home. She was smitten.

So Bob and I set off to sample our treasures. We split each and every offering. For our pate de fruit we had chosen the cherry kirsch and passion fruit. For the macarons Bob chose black raspberry and I decided on the lavender honey (sorry remaining soldiers...but I'll be back).

Our Restaurant Week sampler included the above pate de fruit, the above macarons and lemon pinenut tart, chambord flourless truffle torte, raspberry plum frangipan, carmel peanut butter feuilletine, pistacio honey nougat and choice of two beverages (hot coffee or hot tea).

Upon completion of the tasting menu my knees were weak. The beauty of the desserts is what first captures your attention. Then the tastes are so incredible I really don't even know how to describe them in a way that would do them justice. (But the macarons absolutely totally rock!)

All of the choices were pretty awesome. For me the macarons ruled. The lemon pinenut tart is to die for, but then I am a fool for lemon curd and this is fresh squeezed lemon curd! The pate de fruit simply must be tasted to be believed. It is the absolute essence of the fruit.

I've got to stop! Just go to Pistacia Vera and try them please. I promise you that you will be so happy you have found them.

I know I am!

Pistacia Vera
541 South Third Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 7 pm & Sunday 10am - 5pm

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  1. I hang on your every (hilarious) descriptive word and am dying for a sweet treat! Sigh...

  2. Hey Jean

    Watch for a macaron recipe in an upcoming issue of FamilyFun!

  3. I'm SO jealous! I've heard so many awesome things and I know you are an amazing judge ;)

  4. I have had many wonderful encounters with the sweet treats from Pistacia Vera... These macarons can offer comfort to a lonely friend or romance to an otherwise ordinary picnic. Jean, you have the rare ability to put into print what most of us can only blurt out as mere moans of pleasure.... Loved your review!