Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remains of the Duk

It's Travel Week at Dishing It Up!

Jean is in Hawaii and I am in the land of Morning Calm- Korea!

This is a short little post as I am having a bit of a technology issue.. (I need to stop taking picture with my phone and start using my camera!) But here is a little tease..

Duk is what they call rice cake in Korea. Think mochi but even chewier, and in a variety of flavors. The pink ones in the picture are cherry flavored, the white and black is sesame, and the brown.. Coffee! The powdery looking one had a sweet bean filling with lots of cinnamon and soy powder coating the outside. There was also one with kimchee in it but.. I ate it :)

Tomorrow I'm attending a Korean cooking class so I'll make sure to use my camera for those pictures! Stay tuned..

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