Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sauerkraut, Croquettes

I’m back! I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just leave it at “it was not the vacation we planned”.
So I’ve been out of commission for quite some time, and was finally getting out of the house. (When a trip to the doctor’s office is cause for excitement that’s just pathetic.) I asked if we could stop by the North Market on the way home.

You all know how I love the North Market. And I especially love it in the late morning. Before the lunch crowd descends it is relaxed and laid back. The vendors are setting up their offerings for the soon-to-come rush and are always quick with a smile and wave. Everything is fresh and new and the displays have barely been touched. It’s a restorative kind of thing for me.

I also love the after lunch time at the market. The later afternoon is the time that you can get an opportunity to talk with the vendors. After the noontime rush is over they generally are available to chat and answer questions you might have.

One of the things I’ve discovered recently has now become an addiction. At the North Market Poultry and Game, if you walk around the corner you’ll find prepared foods. Comfort foods. Good foods. Things like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked chicken, vegetables, and all kinds of good stuff. All of these offerings are not to be missed. But there is one item I must warn you against.


“Why?” you ask? “Are they that bad?” Here is how I would answer those questions…

“Because they are MINE – that’s why!!!”

I can’t help myself. I have become so enamored of these crispy crunchy juicy orbs of delight that I just lose all sense of propriety and ability to share. Well, that’s not really true. I did split one with Bob. Sometimes ya gotta take the high road. And he has the car keys right now.

Even our very own, HawaiiChef Tony is a fool for them!

Take a look. They may not be the prettiest things you’ll ever eat, but they sure will be some of the best you’ll ever eat. The outside is crunchy from the Panko coating and deep frying. Bite into the ball and there is seasoned ground chicken and really good sauerkraut mixed together. It is formed around a generous cube of Gruyère cheese, which is oozy & gooey when you bite into it. Oh, and there are sliced mushrooms in the mix as well. I’m not sure what else is there. All I know is that these things are amazing. I can’t stop thinking about them. I even learned that if you have a couple of bites that you just can’t finish and you put them in the fridge, it makes a crazy good snack before you go to bed.

My new favorite meal is a sauerkraut ball (actually, I think they’re called croquettes) and potato pierogies. Maybe add a green salad to keep the husband happy.

That my friends, is good eats!

North Market Poultry and Game
Annmarie Wong

At the north end in the double-wide stall directly across from The Fish Guys and across from Firdous Express. Offering free-range poultry, wild game, organic bison, sausages, soups and prepared foods daily.


  1. Welcome back Jean! So glad you're feeling better. We missed your delightful posts!

  2. Jean, I'm ready to go back to the North Market and have a sauerkraut ball with you anytime:>)....yummy!!

  3. Welcome back Jean. I'm so sorry that your trip ended with illness. But the North Market is definitely the way to get back into the swing of things. It is so my happy place. I'll have to try those sauerkraut croquettes next time I'm there.