Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Noon-Time Travels: Bake-n-Brew

It seems to me that my best loved restaurants tend to be family owned “Mom & Pop” kind of places. A place where you walk in and are comfortable and just know you’re gonna get good food.

Well, Bake-n-Brew is that kind of place. Oh yeah. Their premise is “pretty ok food”. It’s even on the sign out front. But I’m here to tell you that it’s a lot better than “pretty ok”!

Bob has been telling me about them for some time now. They did a stint in the Techno Bistro (aka “Nerd Café”) at Owens Corning. Bob was very sorry to see them go. So he decided a blog needed to be written. And you all know that L3 and I have not done a Noon-Time Travel for a very long time. We were certainly up to the task!

L3 and I headed out along 161 to pick up Bob at OC. He jumped in the car and off we went to Newark. The Bake-n-Brew is pretty easy to find. It sits in a strip across the lot from Wal-Mart, just off 21st St in Newark.

Walking up to the door, you see a lamp in the window…kind of a welcoming beacon in the cold. Why, it’s that lamp from “The Christmas Story”! Yes, that sultry leg in the fishnet stocking. You know you always wanted one! And any establishment that has this lamp and proudly displays it in the front window, well that’s my kind of joint!

The service is incredibly friendly. There are always specials, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the food has such a wide range. You can go anywhere from country fried steak, to soup and sandwiches, to lobster ravioli. I’m lovin’ this place already!

Bob ordered the bacon wrapped meatloaf special. It came with smashed potatoes. Yes, I tasted it…twice. I had to be certain I had a good take on it so I could write this post! It was so yummy! Who would think to wrap bacon around meatloaf? Evidently that answer to that would be Dave. "Inspired", is all I can say! It was absolutely delicious.

Laura ordered the spicy chicken. The dish consisted of pieces of tender, melt-in-your-mouth chicken served over rice with vegetables and a sauce that reminded us of General Tso’s chicken. It was good! A little too spicy for me, but we all know that I’m a major wuss when it comes to spicy.

I ordered…oh come on! I know you know what I ordered. Once I see country fried steak on a menu I have a very difficult time seeing anything else! It came with the smashed potatoes as well. I also put in an order for the fried green beans for all of us to share.

Okay, first of all the country fried steak was spot on! Perfectly cooked and smothered with gravy…oh my. The potatoes were a work of art. This is just good down home cookin’. And then the fried green beans! I have been hearing about these and when I saw them on the menu I knew the time had come. We cleaned that plate in record time. They are delicious!!!

Did someone say pie?

My two dining companions had cherry pie and I opted for the chocolate cream. While I don’t think these were homemade, they still finished the meal for us quite nicely.

There you have it! Visit the Bake-n-Brew (pretty ok food) in Newark. Make sure to say “hey” to Dave and Flo. These are some hardworking people that have gotten it right! And check out their website. http://www.bake-n-brew.com/. You can see the daily specials, their regular menu, and what is really cool is that they do “Dinner & Music” nights. “Music with a mission. Your $3 cover charge on music nights goes to local charities and service organizations.”

They also have open jam on Thursday nights 8-10:30pm. Any musician is welcome! How fun is that????

I definitely want to go back. Hope I see you there!

Pretty OK Food!
1285 Log Pond Drive
Suite 160
Newark , OH 43055

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  1. you know.... you guys are killing me with all this temptation to come back to Ohio!!! lol