Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday “Dishing-It-Up Columbus”!!!

I cannot believe that today marks one year of the existence of this blog! The idea began with the hope that this would be a place where you could read a review of restaurants we’ve visited, get good recipes on a regular basis, share cooking information, and maybe have a few laughs.

I have to tell you that it has turned out to be my passion. I love this blog! I think about it constantly. I know that there have been occasional time gaps in my posting due to illness and whatnot. But believe me; I never stop thinking about this blog!

For instance…I was in the ICU in Hawaii and was pretty darn sick. But what did I do? I started telling my nurse about the blog. I even instructed Bob to dig through my purse and give her one of my cards! The next night when she came on duty she told me she’d read it and was very excited to try the Indian restaurant that we’d gone to. What fun!

I love to read your comments. I wish there were more…hint, hint. Sometimes I’m writing and I wonder if anyone is out there? The interaction with you is so much fun for me! It spurs me on to try to make the blog better and better.

I have also been privileged to meet some wonderful people through this blog. It’s not called “social media” for nothing! I’ve met some awesome chefs, restaurant owners, and other bloggers. Truly, my life has been enriched by these new acquaintances.

So thank you for sharing this first year of “Dishing-it-Up Columbus!” with me. This venture has turned into an exciting journey. I hope it continues for a long time.

Thank you to all of you!

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